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The Benefits of Bathing & Grooming Your Pet

At Bay Road Animal Hospital, we provide a wide range of veterinary services for your pets to keep them safe and healthy. Our veterinarians in Sarasota are here to help your furry friend lead a happy and healthy life. An important part of your furry friend living a healthy life is frequent bathing and grooming.

More Than Just Looks

Keeping your pet well-groomed is about more than just looking good. When you can bathe your pet on your own, this can increase the bond between the two of you. Bonding is only one benefit though, and you can have a groomer bathe and groom your pet if needed. When your pet is bathed consistently, he or she will have less dander, a softer coat, and shedding will be reduced.

If anyone in your home has allergies, these will decrease with consistent bathing for your pet. When your pet is bathed, it will also be looked over for any skin or other health problems. Bathing and grooming is an excellent way for your pet to get the attention it deserves to stay healthy.

How Often to Bathe Your Dog

How often your dog should be bathed and groomed is roughly every six weeks. This time can shorten if your dog gets into something, gets sprayed by a skunk, or is chronically dirty. When your dog has an odor, it is important to get your dog bathed to remove dirt and odors. Keep your pets clean by scheduling routine bathing and grooming sessions with a pet groomer or our veterinarian’s office.

Schedule Your Dog’s Bathing and Grooming Session

If you find it difficult to keep your dog clean, we are ready to help at Bay Road Animal Hospital in Sarasota, FL. Our veterinary clinics provide bathing services by a highly skilled staff to keep your pet clean and comfortable. Call our team today or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.