Behavior Counseling - What to Know

Behavior Counseling

Bay Road Animal Hospital serves the Sarasota area. We offer insight into your pet's health from the inside out. Every pet owner knows that the bond between an animal and its owner is unique. A veterinarian can help you establish a stronger relationship with your pet. Behavior counseling is often the key to building a deep bond. Are you considering behavior counseling for your pet? Let’s looks at a few things to keep in mind.

Behavior Consultations Help You Develop a Plan

A behavioral consultation is the first step in building a plan for behavior counseling for your pet. If your pet exhibits poor or unusual behavior, set up a consultation with one of our veterinarians. During the consultation, we will gain insight into the problem and ask questions about your pet's behavior at home. We will ask what kinds of changes you have already implemented. Many of the treatment options that we will discuss may involve reducing stress in the household or finding ways to reduce negative associations. We will develop a treatment plan that is customized for your pet.

Behavioral Counseling Addresses Difficult Problems

Pets that are not treated for behavioral issues can pose health risks to themselves and others. Inappropriate behavior in pets comes in many forms and it can differ from animal to animal. Our veterinarians can help you identify which behaviors are not appropriate and how they can be addressed.

For dogs, biting is one of the most difficult issues to address. Dogs may also exhibit digging, barking, chewing, and scratching. Noise sensitivity, aggression, and separation anxiety are also commonly attached to behavioral issues.

When it comes to cats, behavioral issues often occur in the form of spraying to mark territory and using the bathroom outside the litterbox. Overgrooming and overeating are also signs of behavioral issues. Just like dogs, cats can also become aggressive.

Get Behavior Counseling in Sarasota, FL

If your pet is experiencing behavioral changes, our veterinarians at Bay Road Animal Hospital are available for a consultation. We are equipped to help with a variety of behavioral issues, from barking and biting to overgrooming and overeating. Call our team today at our Bay Road and Osprey location at (941) 366-2275 or our Honore and 17th location at (941) 378-1236 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.